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Sway to the Rhythm: Liv Crash Presents the Unforgettable Funk & Roll Party

Discover Liv Crash: Milan-Based Musician and His Captivating Melodies

Immerse yourself in Liv Crash's unique fusion of rock, funk, and jazz influences as he weaves captivating melodies. Experience the versatility of his debut single, "'Cause even in this song," which combines funky and rock guitar elements. Liv Crash's musical journey extends beyond this hit, with three other singles: "Shakespeare Inspired the Boobs," "You Fool (Mad)," and "Wonderland."

Mark your calendars for July 7th, as Liv Crash's highly anticipated debut album, "'Cause even in this album," will be released. This album promises an electrifying collection of tracks, showcasing Liv Crash's signature style and musical vision.

Drawing inspiration from guitar legends like David Gilmour, John Petrucci, Pat Martino, Cory Wong, Scott Henderson, and more, Liv Crash's passion for music fuels his songwriting. His debut single, with its carefree message of "I don't care," reflects his belief in spreading positivity and irony through his lyrics and accompaniment.

Join the party, let go of worries, and dance the night away with Liv Crash's highly anticipated debut single and upcoming album.

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